Athlete’s Foot Treatment 

Our Nail Fungus Treatment eliminates other forms of skin fungus and fungal infections

you-12-770x403We recently discovered that our nail fungus cream is a safe and effective treatment to prevent the spread of other skin related fungal symptoms.

We recently discovered a large group of our patients is using our nail fungus cream as an antifungal medication to treat other forms of contagious skin fungus and fungal infections such as athletes foot, tinea, foot fungus and jock itch rashes.

This didn’t really come as a surprise, as nail fungus is undoubtedly the most difficult fungi to eliminate once and for all. It stands to reason, that our product could be recommended as an effective remedy for other complications that involve fungus and especially topical fungal infections, as our product was specially designed and tested to reduce the most difficult fungal infection of them all.

We thank all those patients who contacted us to give us feedback regarding the additional benefits of using our fungal cream to treat these other topical fungal conditions as well as nail infection and specifically those who suggested that we should add this information to our website.

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Why our treatment kills skin fungus and other fungal infections

92184e7a4e756dcb0906670c9dcbf8e9A recent scientific discovery proved that fungus are effectively anaerobic organisms. This means they can only live in environments where the oxygen level is low, meaning if you saturate the area with oxygen the fungus will begin to die.

Our treatment is designed to ensure that the infected site has plenty of oxygen present to effectively eliminate the fungal infection.

See our medical studies to see a more in-depth explanation.



Athlete’s Foot: Common Questions & Answers

Can I cure Athletes Foot Naturally?

Athletes foot can be treated naturally, but the process takes much longer to obtain relief and doesn’t always last. Athletes foot will reoccur if the fungus causing the Athlete’s foot is not completely destroyed. Our Nail fungus treatment is an antifungal fungal cream that completely eliminates the fungus that causes Athletes foot.

Does our product cure other fungal infections as well as Athletes Foot?

Because athletes foot, jock itch and foot fungus are fungal infection, and our nail fungus treatment is an anti-fungal, yes, our product will cure Athlete’s foot, Jock Itch, Tinea and foot fungus.

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