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Our Nail Fungus Treatment eliminates other forms of skin fungus and fungal infections

you-12-770x403We recently discovered a large group of our patients are using our nail fungus treatment to treat other forms of skin fungus and fungal infections, such as athletes foot, foot fungus and jock itch with extremely high success rates.

This didn’t really come as a surprise to us, as nail fungus is the most difficult fungus to eliminate because it is difficult to get to. It stands to reason that our product would be very effective on other forms of skin fungus and fungal infections i.e. athletes foot, foot fungus and jock itch, where the fungal infections are relatively easy to reach with a topical treatment.

Our product was designed and tested (see medical studies) to kill fungal infections.

For all those patients who contacted us and told us about their experience and wanted us to add this information to our website, we thank you for your help. We also need to say our nail fungus treatment is a safe and effective treatment for other forms of skin fungus and fungal infections i.e. athletes foot, foot fungus and jock itch.

Effectively treat fungus infections with our topical fungus cream for only $23.95

Why our treatment kills skin fungus and other fungal infections

92184e7a4e756dcb0906670c9dcbf8e9A discovery was made by researchers recently. It relates to the finding that fungus are anaerobic organisms. This means they can only live in environments of low oxygen, if you saturate the area with oxygen the fungus die.

Our treatment is designed to flood the site with oxygen and eliminate the fungus. Click to see our pages medical studies and how it works and for a more in-depth explanation.



Athlete’s Foot: Common Questions & Answers

Can I cure Athletes Foot Naturally?

Athletes foot can be treated naturally, but the process is much longer to obtain relief, and is not always lasting. Athletes foot will reoccur if the fungus causing the Athlete’s foot is not completely destroyed. Our Nail fungus treatment is an antifungal fungal cream that completely kills the fungus that causes Athletes foot.

Does our product cure other fungal infections as well as Athletes Foot?

Because athletes foot, jock itch and foot fungus are fungal infection, and our nail fungus treatment is an anti-fungal, yes, our product will cure Athlete’s foot, Jock itch and foot fungus.

*Please see our guarantee for more information.

Will our nail fungus treatment provide relief for Athlete’s Foot, Foot fungus and Jock itch

Yes if you have a fungal infection, our product is extremely anti-fungal.

Are Athletes foot, Foot fungus and Jock itch caused by a Fungal Infection?

Yes, they are all fungal infections and our product kills fungus.