toenai-fungal-treatment-tubesFingernail Fungus and Nail Fungus Frequently Questions & Answers

For just $23.95 you can eliminate your fingernail fungus and nail fungus with our nail fungus cream.

This product is a totally new a way to treat your fingernail and nail fungus, as well as eliminating your fingernail and nail fungus infection, it is also the only treatment that increases nail growth during the treatment period. The result is disease free, beautiful fingernails and nails in far less time than without this product.

There are many effective ways to remove nail fungus from your fingernails or nails but in every case the fingernail or nail must grow back for the process to be complete. Until that time the nail or fingernail will show signs of the past infection, it maybe cracked, thickened or discolored.

So until your nail grows back you will still have cracked thickened or discolored fingernails or nails.

It is a clinical fact. To re-grow your fingernail or nail it will take several months.

Increased nail and fingernail growth is just as important to having healthy nails as killing the nail fungus.

How does our product eliminate nail fungus and increase nail or fingernail growth?

Scientists made a breakthrough recently. They discovered that all funguses are anaerobic micro-organisms. This means they don’t like oxygen; in fact, they can only live when there is very little oxygen in their environments. Therefore, if you increase the oxygen levels in their environment, the fungus cannot live.

We used this principle and designed a product that saturates the environment of the nail fungus with oxygen and kills the fungus. For more details, go to our pages on how it works and medical studies.

Is Waldon Research’s Nail Fungus Cream a homeopathic remedy?

Waldon’s treatment cream contains natural ingredients, but it is not a homeopathic remedy. Our fungal treatment combines highly effective chemicals with natural ingredients. Combined, these ingredients flood infected regions with oxygen, thereby creating a hostile environment for fungi, and making it impossible for fungal infections to survive. This provides a cure for fungal infections and allows the nail or fingernail to grow quickly back.

What are the signs of a fingernail or nail fungus infection?

A fungus infection can exhibit the following symptoms: white pus, nail discoloration, including yellow nails and brown or black nails.

Do you have Pictures of Nail Fungus Infections Online?

Yes, please see our nail fungal infection pictures

Can you cure fingernail or nail fungus infections with vinegar?

A vinegar cure may effect temporary relief, but in most cases, it is not strong enough to destroy the fungi that cause nail infections, and so the infections will eventually reoccur.

Are there any side effects if I use your treatment for nail fungus infections?

Our nail fungus remedy, when applied correctly and according to our instructions, causes no side effects when used to cure fungus infections. Find out more about this here.

Can a fungal infection affect your toes?

Fungal infections usually affect both the area around the nail, including the toenail and nail flesh, as well as the nail itself.

Does a nail fungus infection hurt the bones in your foot?

No, a nail fungus infection does not affect the bones in your foot.

Can an artificial nail have a fungal infection?

Artificial nails themselves cannot become infected themselves, but the nail beneath the artificial nail can become infected. This is usually caused because of a lack of oxygen. Our product can help with this type of ‘artificial nail infection’.

Will your product work on artificial nails that are infected?

Yes, our product will work on the infection that occurs underneath the artificial nail, and so will help clear up what is typically called an ‘artificial nail infection’.


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