Toenail Fungus & Fungal Toenails

Our topical treatment for toenail fungus has no side effects

Do you have Toenail fungus Disease?

no-side-effectsAt Waldon Research it is of the highest importance to us that our toenail fungus treatment has no adverse side effects.  We believe that achieving our primary goals of killing the fungus and increasing nail growth to speed up your recovery time should be just as important that our toenail fungus treatment does not interact harmfully in any way whatsoever with the patient.

You can start destroying your ugly, embarrassing toenail fungus from the first day safe in the knowledge that our toenail fungus treatment will not harm you. Imagine having clean, disease free toenails and no toenail fungus.

Waldon Research’s toenail fungus treatment has removed toenail fungus from over 100,000 infected patients over the last 6 years. There have been no significant adverse reactions to our toenail fungus treatment in that time.

Our powerful toenail fungus treatment is priced at just $23.95

We can offer you this great value because we are the manufacturer. Our toenail fungus treatment sells for more than $55.00 in foot clinics. Our breakthrough toenail fungus treatment is not only extremely effective it is safe for you or your children to use.

Toenail Fungus Treatment without any side effects

At Waldon Research we thought it was important when developing our Bio-oxidive cream that the side effects from using our toenail fungus cream treatment were kept to a minimum.

  • No harsh burning to rid the body of the nail fungus
  • No strong antibiotics with their well known side effects
  • No oral treatment required with the associated risks of skin or liver damage

We took a well known natural anti-fungal oil and used scientific principles to flood the oil with oxygen. As you would have read fungi (including the Toenail & Nail Fungus) cannot survive in a highly oxygenated state as they are an anaerobic organism.

Bio-oxodized Manuka Oil

Our manufacturing process does not involve the use of any dangerous chemicals. We slowly and continuously (24 hours a day) infuse ozone from our cold plasma generator into Manuka oil over a period of several weeks, after which we wind up with Bio oxidive Manuka oil.

After 6 weeks of ozonation, it becomes a very viscous, balm like consistency which is added to our aqueous toenail fungus treatment cream. These are safe non-harmful chemicals with no side effects. You can find more information about Manuka oil on our medical studies page


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