A Comprehensive Guide to Toenail Fungus Treatment and Hygiene

Scared you might have Toenail Fungus?

nail-fungusThe tell-tale signs of fungal infections on your toenails, aka Onychomycosis, are discolouration, raggedness, thickening or brittleness of one, or more, of your toenails. Fungi are plant-like organisms like mould and mildew. Toenails and fingernails are well-known hiding places for dirt and germs and can become a home for infection-causing fungi also. When one of our nails is affected by fungi it means it has virtually invaded the nail itself and is living off it.

How do Fungal Infections Start?

Toenail fungal infections generally start through fissures in your toenail or through skin wounds and can take months to resolve. A fungal infection is one of the most difficult nail conditions to treat, so time is everything when it comes to treating it.

These nasty infections can completely alter your toenail’s colour, cause it to thicken or even break off entirely from its bed. It can cause pain, on occasions, but it generally tends to be a cosmetic problem. Without applying any topical treatment cream, the fungi can potentially infect adjacent toenails, skin, and even your fingernails. So it is important to contain it

29766753_xlOne of the tell-tale signs of fungal infection on your toes is that fungally infected nails tend to grow thicker, more brittle or jagged than normally. Nails with a fungus infection tend to look yellow, black or discoloured; quite unlike healthy nails. On some occasions, a white spot can appear and slowly enlargen on the nail. Fungi can also build up under your toenail, and this can darken and loosen the nail and can eventually cause the toenail to separate from its nailbed. Be sure to keep the area clean as possible as it can also spread and infect the skin beside your toenail.

The older you are, the more likely you are to be infected. People who have juvenile or type 2 diabetes, athlete’s foot, or a weakened immune system are at a far higher risk of being infected. Be especially careful if you’ve injured a toenail as your chances of getting a fungal infection increase substantially in these conditions.

The good news is that there is a solution at hand, our topical fungus cream addresses the need for an increased oxygen level that circumvents fungal growth and anti-fungal emollients that moisturise and protect the new nail.

Make Sure to Get a Professional Diagnosis

Toenail fungus can appear like other medical condition such as psoriasis or a bacterial infection, so you’ll need to get your toenail checked out by a medical professional. You may need to see a podiatrist or a dermatologist. These specialists can scrape residue from the affected nail to get it tested in the lab to work out what’s really causing your problem.

Foot Hygiene is Absolutely Vital

Be sure to wash your feet regularly and dry them thoroughly, between the toes during treatment. Remember to keep your toenails trim and don’t be tempted to cover your infected nails with any nail polish or bandages because this practice effectively seals the nail off so that it can’t absorb the oxygen that is required to keep the fungus at bay.

Keep your feet dry

Choose socks that absorb moisture and change them frequently. Wear well-fitted shoes that let air move through them, such as sandshoes, sandals or leather shoes. Protect others by wearing protective shower shoes in public places. Toenail fungus is unsightly and the sooner you can treat it the better. It can take months for a toenail to regrow and it is important that you expose the area to oxygen as it slows down fungal growth but getting it in the open is difficult.

 toenai-fungal-treatment-tubesTopical Fungus Treatment

Our topical cream is applied directly on the nail to not only moisten it with soothing manuka oil but also to and apply a generous amount of oxygen to the area through its main curative ingredient ozone. In some cases, the entire nail may need to be removed by surgery to allow space for the new nail to grow back. In this case, the cream can be applied to the nail as soon as it begins to regrow

Formulated to fight the fungus and encourage nail growth*

Our unique formulation includes natural anti-fungal ingredients such as manuka oil and ozone and has been available on the online market since 1996. Many happy customers can attest to the benefits of our treatment cream and accelerator pack*

See Testimonials.

Ozone has exceptional antimicrobial characteristics and aids in the process of regrowth quite apart from reducing fungal activity*. See the Ozone research document here

Why should you pay excessively for doctors, dermatologists, podiatrists or fungal nail laser treatment when a cost-effective solution to treat your problem is available online. Now you can buy a fungal treatment cream that will naturally slow the fungal infections that appear on your toenails and effectively encourage regrowth … for a very fair price.

happy-feetIf you’ve been diagnosed, don’t let it go untreated

Nail fungus can spread and infect other toenails and skin near the infected area. The key is to start treatment early and reduce the fungus at the infected site. We understand that you desperately want to get rid of your toenail fungus problem, it annoys you, and it affects your life where you can’t wear sandals or any other footwear that exposes your toes.

Our topical cream helps to reduce fungus and encourage regrowth (See our testimonials).

Do you prefer natural solutions?

Although many chemicals and treatments can reduce the effects of nail fungus ours is a natural choice.  The longer the nail takes to grow back the longer that you’ll have ugly, discoloured and deformed nails. In fact, it can take months for a new nail to fully re-grow so it is vitally important to consider the health benefits of encouraging the regrowth process by decreasing fungal activity. By decreasing the fungus through the introduction of ozone and by treating your toenail with one of the best natural emollients known to mankind, manuka oil, you give your infected toenails a far better chance of regrowing quickly in a fungus-free environment.

Manuka or Tea Tree Oil?

Many companies use tea tree oil, a well-known anti-fungal agent as an active ingredient for their treatment creams. We use natural Manuka Oil found only in New Zealand. Admittedly, it is part of the tea tree family, but with one major difference, it is up to 10 x stronger. To make it even more effective, we use a synthesized extract of the active ingredient to increase its anti-fungal potency.

Waldon Research delivers

Imagine having clean, regrown toenails far quicker than over the counter medicines*. At Waldon Research, we believed it was not only crucial to formulate a cream that effectively reduces the fungal infection on your toes, but also encourages clean nail regrowth without any further infection.

When asked about ozone (our active bio-oxidative ingredient)

Commodore Michael Shannon, who is Canada’s equivalent of the U.S. Surgeon General. Says …

“The products of this research have worldwide applications, In the right concentration, ozone for blood purification sounds almost too good to be true. We’re trying not to be overly enthusiastic, but the data so far is very compelling.”

Why wait?

Start treating your ugly and embarrassing toenail fungus problem now.

The benefits of Ozone in Fungal Control

355225436Ozone is one of the most effective ingredients in our nail fungus treatment along with other anti-fungal agents. When the ozone penetrates the skin and nail around the infected area it stimulates the production of white blood cells, which are necessary to fight infection. It floods the surrounding area with oxygen circumventing further growth. It is made up of 3 oxygen atoms that have been proven to have antimicrobial characteristics

Fungi are anaerobic organisms that can only survive in low oxygen environments and, if oxygen levels significantly increase, the fungus dies. Fungal infections such as Athlete’s Foot, Jock Itch and Tinea tend to proliferate with little or no oxygen present. By significantly increasing these cellular oxygen levels, these anaerobic infections cannot proliferate.

Normally with a fungal infection on our toenails or skin, we tend to use footwear or band-aids that cover up our embarrassing disfigured toes so they tend to get less oxygen than normal. We created a natural product that intentionally immerses the infected area with oxygenated molecules that effectively reduce the infection quite naturally rather than relying on untested, man-made drugs, that could include unnecessary side effects.


It is also now well-established that heightening oxygen circulation through the cells will increase nail regrowth. Our fungal cream is formulated to increase the oxygen levels to reduce the fungus and simultaneously help the nail to grow back more quickly.  The advantage of topical fungus treatments is that they are site-specific, which means you actually only attack the area where the fungus is, not the entire body.

The link between insufficient oxygen and fungal disease has been firmly established.

  • Dr. W. Spencer Way, Journal of the American Associates of Physicians.
  • Hypoxia, or lack of oxygen in the tissues, is the fundamental cause for all degenerative disease.
  • Dr. Steven Levine, “Oxygen Deficiency” Renowned Molecular Biologist

See our pages on how it works and medical studies for a more detailed explanation.

Save yourself the money and the side effects

fungus-on-toesAt Waldon Research we have developed this naturally effective antifungal cream to fights the fungi that cause skin & nail fungus. This bio-oxidative cream treatment for fungus nail infections infuses a powerful anti-fungal agent, along with the efficacy of ozone, to control these infections. The main point of difference is that we do it quite naturally without the harmful side effects of liver and heart damage that some other creams have been known to cause.

We don’t see why you should be charged premium prices by other pharmaceutical companies due to their infrastructure and advertising budgets that they have to incorporate into their pricing. We, on the other hand, produce an effective nail fungus cream at a very realistic price without any known side effects such as those associated with some of the man-made chemicals included in other well-known nail fungus treatments. Some oral treatments and pills on the market for toenail fungus are also known to cause harsh side effects i.e. nausea, headaches even liver damage.

Be safe. Go natural with our well established Toenail Fungus Cream for only $23.95

Toenail Fungus Treatment Schedule


Treatment application for Nail Fungus and Skin Fungal Infections

After clinical diagnosis by your health care professional, the cream should be applied twice daily after cleansing and thoroughly drying the infected areas. It is important to keep applying the treatment until all infection is eliminated or the fungi will grow back.

We have three aims for our toenail fungus treatment cream

  • To eliminate discoloured, thickened and cracked nails by reducing fungal infection,
  • Providing an oxygenated environment that allows a fungus-free zone for nail regrowth.
  • To eliminate dry, itchy and cracked skin by killing the fungi that cause athlete foot, toe and skin fungus.

Please note: individual results may vary


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*Individual results may vary.