Nail Fungus Treatment & Toenail Fungus Treatment


Effectively treat nail fungus infections with our topical nail fungus cream for just $23.95

At last a product that will destroy your toenail fungus, at a fair price.

This nail fungus treatment is different. It will not only totally eliminate your fungal nail infection, it is the only nail fungus treatment that is designed to increase new nail growth. This means that you can have clean beautiful nails in far less time, as our customers can testify.toenai-fungal-treatment-tubes

Although many chemicals and treatments can remove nail fungus. The nail has to grow back and, until it has, it will still look discolored, thick and deformed.

The longer the nail takes to grow back the longer that you will have discolored thick and deformed nails. In fact, it takes months for a new nail to fully re-grow.

At Waldon Research we believed it was not only crucial to kill the toenail fungus infection, but also to increase the nail growth so you can have healthy nails again.

nail-fungusStart curing your ugly and embarrassing toenail fungus problem from the first day.

Imagine having clean, disease free toenails and no nail fungus.

Toenail Fungus Treatment – How’s it done?

Recently a remarkable discovery was made by scientists: fungus are anaerobic organisms. This means they can only survive in low oxygen environments and, if oxygen levels significantly increase, the fungus die.

We created a product that floods the area with oxygen molecules and kills the nail fungus. See our pages on how it works and medical studies for a more detailed explanation.

happy-feetIt is also well-established that heightening oxygen circulation through the cells will increase nail growth. So when our treatment increases the oxygen levels to kill the fungus, we simultaneously help the nail to grow back more quickly.

When asked about ozone (our active bio-oxidive ingredient) Commodore Michael Shannon, who is Canada’s equivalent of the U.S. Surgeon General. Says.

“The products of this research have worldwide applications,”

“In the right concentration, ozone for blood purification sounds almost too good to be true. We’re trying not to be overly enthusiastic, but the data so far is very compelling.”

Read more about the medical opinion here

The active ingredient in our nail fungus treatment cream is FDA certified to destroy 99.9992 percent of all pathogenic organisms such as nail fungus.

The benefits of ozone

355225436Ozone is one of the most effective active ingredients used in our nail fungus treatment. This bio-oxidive is made up of 3 oxygen atoms, and we use it to flood the infected area with oxygen because ozone has exceptional anti–microbial characteristics.

At Waldon Research we have developed a powerful nail fungus cream which acts against the fungi which cause skin & nail fungus. We have created a Bio-oxidive cream treatment for fungus nail infections. By infusing a powerful anti-fungal agent with oxygen (in the form of ozone), we can not only control these infections but kill the fungi that cause them, without the harmful side effects of liver and heart damage.

Toenail Fungi are anaerobic – they cannot exist in an elevated oxygen (ozone acheives this) environment, Athlete’s Foot, Jock Itch, tinea & nail fungus – anaerobic one and all. Such fungi exist and proliferate with little or no oxygen present. Significantly increase cellular oxygen levels and these anaerobic infections cannot replicate, cannot proliferate, cannot exist.

“The link between insufficient oxygen and disease has now been firmly established.”

Dr. W. Spencer Way, Journal of the American Associates of Physicians.

“Hypoxia, or lack of oxygen in the tissues, is the fundamental cause for all degenerative disease.” Dr. Steven Levine, “Oxygen Deficiency” Renowned Molecular Biologist

read more about the medical opinion…

Nail Fungus Therapy – What you should know

We understand that you desperately want to get rid of your toenail fungus problem, it annoys you, and it affects your life in a horrible way, we can help. At Waldon Research, we manufacture our nail fungus treatment ourselves, which means you don’t need to pay an excessive price because you are buying direct from the source with no middle men.

Toenail Fungus Treatment Cost

Ingredients, herbs and botanicals are very inexpensive to buy in bulk, we don’t see why you should be ripped off by other companies who sell their products with expensive price tags. We produce an effective nail fungus cream at a price you should be paying and it works without producing any of the harsh side effects associated with some other nail fungus treatments.

Toenail Fungus Treatment Ingredients

Our nail fungus remedy only uses pharmaceutical grade ingredients and synthesized extracts. The problem with products made from herbs and botanicals, is that active ingredients can differ from plant to plant, and batch to batch. We want to make sure that every fungus treatment we produce is exactly the same; so we know it is effective at treating nail fungus every time.

Toenail Fungus Topical Treatment

It has been claimed that toenail fungus can not be treated topically. This is not the case, however, and many treatments on the market (including our own), have clinically proven that toenail fungus is curable topically. Read a selection of our nail fungus cream customer testimonials here.

How can a nail fungus cream work, when I can’t apply the treatment to the all of the infection?

Topical nail fungus cream treatment works for 2 reasons:

  • The active ingredient in our nail fungus treatment is ozone, it passes through the skin and nail and floods the area infected with oxygen
  • When the ozone penetrates the infected area it stimulates the production of white blood cells, which are necessary to fight infection

This localized treatment for toenail fungus can be more effective than other treatments because we target the infected area rather than the whole body, as some other treatments do.

The advantage of topical fungus treatments is that they are site specific, which means you actually only attack the area where the fungus is, not the whole body. This allows you to use stronger active ingredients because they are not going around the whole body where they could cause harm.

Some oral treatments and pills on the market for toenail fungus are know to cause harsh side effects i.e. nausea, headaches even liver damage because they are circulating throughout the whole body. If you need to supplement your topical cream with pills, it shows that your cream is ineffective by itself.

Tee tree oil is used by many companies as their active ingredient, to kill nail fungus, it is proven to be antifungal, we use Manuka tree oil. Found only in New Zealand, it is part of the tea tree family, with one major difference, it is 12 times stronger !!!! To make it more effective, we use a synthesized extract of the active ingredient, so it is stronger again.

Treatment application for Nail Fungus and Skin Fungal Infections

fungus-on-toesThe cream is be applied twice daily after cleansing and thoroughly drying the infected areas. It is important to keep applying the treatment until all fungal infection is killed or the fungi will just grow again.

We have three aims for our toenail fungus treatment cream

  • To eliminate discolored thickened and cracked nails by killing the fungal infection completely, then a new healthy nail will grow through.
  • For the nail to grow back at an accelerated rate, so as to leave no sign of the former fungal infection
  • To eliminate dry, itchy and cracked skin by killing the fungi that cause athlete foot, toe and skin fungus.

Toenail Fungus & Nail Fungus (Onychomycosis)

Toenails and fingernails are hiding places for dirt and germs, and can become a home for infection-causing fungi. Fungi are plant organisms, such as mold and mildew. An infection of the nails can be fungus invading the nail and actually living off of it. A fungal infection is one of the most difficult nail conditions to treat. Its symptoms include thickening and discoloration of the nail. In some cases, the nail may crumble.

The first sign of a fungal infection of the nail is a change in color. The nail often becomes yellow then brown. It gets thicker and develops a bad odor. Debris may collect beneath the nail and white marks frequently appear on the nail. The infection can spread to other nails and even the skin.

Toenails are affected more frequently than finger nails and is likely to happen more frequently with age.